Two of the Best Vinyl Record Sleeve Art

A vinyl record’s sleeve is like the face of the music it holds. It plays an introductory role in the timeless ritual of sitting besides the best record players as new vinyls spin atop of them for the first time. Musicians put a lot of their passion and talent to their music, and it’s only fair for the sleeve to match the creativity of the tunes it contains. So in this post, we take a look at some sleeves whose prints are as awe-inspiring as the sound that they hide behind them.

Vulnicura by Björk

Vulnicura’s art is a beautiful thing printed across the two layers of the record’s sleeve. It conceptually mirrors the complex and abstract feelings that Bjork struggles with – cathartic, resigned, maternal, and more. The outside of the sleeve shows her as a sort of crab-like creature with an open wound on her bosom, from which chrome magma is oozing out. Sliding off the sleeve unravels an open-palmed Bjork as a dandelion flower, as if a visualization of tranquility. Such descriptions might seem exuberant, yet nothing in the print feels excessive. It is very much aligned with what the music is conveying, and that maybe the reason why.

Body Complex by Heathered Pearls

Independent record label Ghostly International is sort of known for coveted objects. And their maxim Of Art and Artifice has never been more obvious than on Heathered Pearls’ Body Complex. The print on the sleeve of the 2015 album is a nod to Ghostly’s indexing of objects, as well as to Factory Records, a 1980s indie label.

heathered pearls body complex

The sleeve’s print shows a 3D architectural sculpture, which the artist and the musician has also made available for those who would like to buy it too. For fans, it will probably be one of the best collectible from the musician, more so that it elicits the vibe of an art deco mall corner-piece. The music is in the same conceptual vein as the 5lb Hydrostone, which is described as a flawed sculpture that appears like it’s perfect from a distance. And as if all of that wasn’t nice already, the vinyl pressing also comes in bottle green.