Types of Picture Frames

Art works like photographs or paintings which are framed well would stay in good condition longer. Picture frames come a long way in history, where during the earlier times picture frames are made commonly of wood materials. Eventually, picture frame materials evolved to silver, copper (even gold) and eventually aluminum and plastics. The shape of picture frames isn’t limited to the standard rectangular or square shape, unusual shapes have also emerged and which unconventional artists would use in their art works. However, nothing beats the traditional rectangular or square shaped picture frames, which can be used for art works using gallery wrap (but nowadays photos are also framed).


Picture frames can be expensive depending on the type of materials used, the intricacy of the design carved in the frames and the size as well. Not all artworks require being framed with glasses, some art works would be best glass free, these art works usually are made from acrylic or oil paints, the reason is to appreciate the quality of the brush strokes of these kinds of art works. However, for photographs, it would be best for these kinds of art works to be framed with glass, in order to protect the art work from damages such as scratches and fading. Choosing the right kind of frame is crucial as creating the art work or image itself. There are several kinds of picture frames one can use for their art work:

Shadow Box Frames – This is a frame that’s enclosed with a glass front and can be used to display items that has value, such as paintings, photographs, collections and the like. This kind of frame protrudes out from walls, so it’s not ideal in all type of spaces.

Float Frames –This kind of frame on the other hand is quite popular because of its distinctive and unique look. The floater frame creates a three-dimensional illusion in the artwork or photo it encloses. The floater frame is quite a space saver compared to the Shadow box frame (this is often preferred than shadow box frames).

Clip Frames – Clip Frames on the other hand is the kind of frame you need if you don’t want to be bothered by the frame and to have a full view of your art work or photo. This kind of frame sandwiches the photo in between the glass and cardboard backing and are secured by metal clips which are easy to use.

photo frame

Digital Photo Frame – This is one modern kind of frame, not your typical frame made of traditional materials and can accommodate more than one photograph or art work. The Digital Photo Frame displays the images in a screen without a need of getting a bulky computer but actually works via WiFi or USB. This kind of frame is very innovative and flexible where you can display not only photographs but also images of art works, collections and so much more. However, it would require electricity for it to work.

Choose whichever you think would suite your art work or photograph, remember you can always have your frames customized in a print studio shop. It’s always best to align the theme of your art work to whatever kind of frame you are choosing, as the frame definitely highlights the beauty of art works.

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